How To Encourage Your Child To Put On Pajamas?

May 21, 2021 0 Comments

Being a parent is not an easy thing, especially when your child is unwilling to cooperate. At home, this happens every night when it’s time to go to bed, your child refuses to put on his pajamas, how to motivate him? Here are some tips.

Give Him A New Pajama

Every night, you can’t dress your child? It might be time for a change of pajamas , but not just any! Only t-rex pajamas will do. This pajama model will transform your child into a dinosaur for his greatest pleasure.

Make Him Believe He’s Already A Big

Most of the time, the child does not want to cooperate because he thinks you are still giving him an order. And when he performs long after your instructions, it is reluctantly. So make him believe that the idea of ​​brushing his teeth and putting on his pajamas is his . A small initiative like this can make children happy because they feel bigger. To do this, pretend to tell the story of a very wise child who loves to brush his teeth after dinner and who has pretty teeth. All alone, because he’s already grown up, put on his pajamas… Be sure that even before your story is over, your child will put on his pajamas on his own.

You can also tell him a story about his new pajamas, for example. To get him to sleep quickly, you can tell him about the Jurassic where he can be the hero of the story. You’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Invent A Game To Put On His Pajamas

The game remains an infallible and effective weapon to make a child cooperate , regardless of his age. The point is that all children without exception love to play. “Le Jacques a dit” is a game that always works. Jacques said: “take off your pants”, Jacques said: “take off your socks”, Jacques said: “put on your pajamas! Every night, try to play with your child until putting on their pajamas becomes a ritual . When he gets used to and performs without a problem, you can stop the game with the pajamas on, but consider taking the time to just play with him.

Some Tips To Encourage Your Child To Put On His Pajamas

Before figuring out ways to get your child to put on their pajamas, first check if it’s the clothing itself that bothers them : a scratchy label, clothing that’s too tight for them, etc. Then be patient and don’t get upset . It won’t change much. On the contrary, your nervousness will encourage your child to camp on his positions. Calm down and get out of his room a bit if necessary. Never show your child that you are broke.